“Emeka Ike beat me up and almost paralyzed me,” ex-wife

Speaking in an interview with Chude, Emeka Ike’s ex-wife, Suzanne Emma has alleged that the actor beat her up and she almost got paralyzed.

This is coming days after Emeka Ike accused Suzanne of causing his downfall.

Naijweb.ng earlier reported that Suzanne debunked these allegations saying that the actor fabricated those stories.

Narrating the circumstances that led to their divorce, she said that the actor started abusing her physically when she started fighting back at 28.

She said that she endured all the abuse until the actor almost got her paralyzed.

“I didn’t think of myself until he beat me up and I was almost paralyzed,” she said.

Narrating the incident, she said that they went out with the kids on that day and when they got back she was changing her daughter when he saw her nappy rash and started shouting that she has been molested.

Susan said Emeka asked her who she gave his daughter to and that she needs to be checked as he insisted that she has been molested.

She said that she tried to calm him down, telling him it’s just nappy rash but he kept on shouting.

According to her, she asked him for money so she can take the daughter to the hospital and he hit her.

She said she spoke up to him saying that he cannot continue beating her up and she held his hand.

Suzanne said that the actor turned her over and hit her at the back of her neck and she lost sensation.

She said that at that point she could not feel her hands or legs and the actor continued hitting her. She said:

“He kept hitting me and hitting me and I was shouting ‘Emeka if you hit me one more time I will die’. I was only seeing stars, I could talk, I could hear, I could see but I couldn’t feel.”

She said he did this in front of their kids and his then P.A was present there.

According to Suzanne, when Emeka realized himself, he walked out of the house.

She said that she was there for like 10 to 20 minutes and as she tried to move she felt a sharp pain.

The former model said that she managed to get up, took her kids and left to a friend’s house.

She said that this was not the first he beat her up and she ran to a friend’s house.

She added that she has evidences she presented in court and she still kept them.

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