“Emeka Ike lied, he abused me, he came late to our wedding,” ex-wife alleges

Emeka Ike’s ex-wife, Susan Emma has debunked allegations made by her ex-husband, Emeka Ike against her.
This is coming few days after the actor came out accusing his ex-wife for causing his downfall and making him lose his home, lands and multimillion Naira investments.

In an interview with Chude, the former model said that her ex-husband said things that never occurred.

According to her, she feels like she ran out of an abusive relationship and she’s still under abuse.

She said that he never begged her not to go but instead he kept on telling the court that he’ll go to her family and settle things and but never did.

She said that his friends reached out to her but they were not in court.

“Nobody knelt in court to beg me,” She said.

She also alleged that Emeka Ike once asked her “who wants you back” in court and the judge heard him.

Speaking about what transpired in their marriage, she said that she suffered verbal, mental,

psychological and financial abuse.

“He didn’t allow me to work,” she said.

Susan Emma also spoke about how she wanted to be an actress and met Emeka Ike along the line.

She said that she was 18 and modeling at that time as she just came out of secondary school.

According to her, she wanted Emeka to be someone who would put her into the industry and he categorically told her that she couldn’t act because it would destroy their relationship.

She also said that the actor stopped her modeling career, recalling how an agency wanted to sponsor her for Miss Nigeria in 1999 but he refused saying that he couldn’t handle her crying if she doesn’t win the pageantry competition.

Susan said that she had to lie to the agency that her family didn’t want her to do it and then lie to her family that the agency dropped her.

She said they got married when she was 24 and she was pregnant with their second child at that time.

According to her they got married after she had spoken out that he had to do something as she was heavy with their second child.

She also said she regretted getting married to Emeka Ike.

Speaking on how their traditional marriage went, she said that the actor came late to their wedding and it was his elder sister’s husband that stood in for him.

She said that her family gave him a marriage list and prepared for the marriage on their side but Emeka Ike’s family came empty handed, ignoring the list.

According to her, his family would always laugh at her saying that she married herself.

They were like “she wants to marry a star, she has to work for it, she said.

She added that she slaved for the family and did everything they wanted because of the love she had for him at that time.

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