“I lost investments worth over 480 Million and 80% of my lands” – Emeka Ike speaks on how his ex-wife allegedly caused his downfall

Veteran Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike has opened up on the marital issues he faced and what happened after his marriage ended.

The 56 years old actor said that he has been depressed for a long time due to the experience he had in his marriage with Suzanne Emma.

He made this revelation in an interview with Channels Television’s Rubbin’ Minds on Sunday, 17th November.

According to the actor, he left home for the United States with just a luggage, without knowing that his wife had allegedly plotted his “downfall”.

He said that he was still on the way to the US when his Suzanne went to his secondary school, asked all the students to leave, and shut down the school.

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He added that she went to his house and did the same thing, removing all of his properties and he came back to an empty house.

“I was gullible until I discovered she was behind the whole thing,” the actor said.

He continued: “I came back home to nothing. My properties in my house had been moved.

“I lost like 80 percent of my lands.

“People are building on my properties and I’m looking at it and I feel like killing myself.

“Everything I got as Emeka Ike was gone, it was just that box I went to America with.”

Emeka Ike further said that his wife accused him of assault to further damage his life as he insisted that he never laid his hands on her.

He also talked about how he feels bad for young men these days because many women are not the marriage type, adding that his ex-wife told him the same thing about herself.

“She told me she’s not the marriage type,” Emeka said.

He said that many men prefer to go after such women, ignoring the good, innocent ones who are willing to make marriage work.

He went further to accuse his ex-wife of blackmail and manipulation.

According to the actor, he sponsored his ex-wife’s higher education but didn’t know that he wasn’t “loved in return.”

The thespian said that he and his family members begged his Suzanne not to divorce him, but she insisted.

“She went to divorce herself. She said, ‘Judge, please, divorce me, I want to go.’ I said, ‘Kilode? Where are you going?’ I was on my knees. Felix Duke was on his knees. My sisters were on their knees in court. Even the people that came with my ex-wife to court were on their knees. They said, ‘Are you okay? What’s wrong with you?’ We didn’t understand what was going on in her psychology,” he recalled.

Ike said that he believed that Suzanne was blackmailed by some “gunmen” she was involved with into divorcing him.

Recall that Suzanne Emma had on the 13th of July, 2015, approached the court to dissolve the 14-year-old marriage between her and the Nollywood actor but it wasn’t until 2017, the marriage was dissolved by a Lagos Island Customary Court over incessant battery.

Suzanne and Emeka have four children together.

Watch him speak in the video below.

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